Albert Magnus 1625 Biblia Mariae VELLUM bound with Verid. Belgicus of Scribanius

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Contains: Albertus Magnus, Biblia Maria, Coloniae Agrippinae, Antonii Boetzeri, 1625, bound together with Carolus Scribanius, Veridicus Belgicus, presumed 1st edition, 1626.

FULL TITLE: Biblia Mariae. Opus a B. Alberto Magno, ex ord. Praedicatorum, olim Episcopo Ratisponensi conscriptum: in quo omnia fere, qua in Sacris Biblius continentur, Beatissima Deiparenti Maria pulchre, & breviter adaptantur, aureum sane, & divini Verbi Concionatoribus perutile ac Marianis Cultoribus pergatum. Accessere Compendiosa Vitae Descriptio, et Panegyris Propter Publicos applaudus, & Apotheosis eiusdem B. Alberti extensionem. Nunc primum in lucem edita, opera, & studio R.P.F. Vencentii Iustiniani eiusdem Ord. & S. Theologia Professoris.

Veridicus Belgicus, Quem auctor Auxit, Recensuit: E Belgico Latinum Reddidit an. Dr. Accessit Apocalypsis Batavica, item auctior, emendiatior. Anno partae salutis

Language: Latin


Very rare work of Albert Magnus bound together with a presumed 1st edition, possibly 2nd edition, of the dialogue Veridicus Belgicus by C. Scribanius. These two complete volumes bound together in contemporary vellum with lapp edges.

Hand-scripted title to spine. Spine title reads: "Alberti M, Biblia Mariae-Veridicus Belg. Apocalypsis B." Engraved title-page vignette of cherubim angel seated atop a kind of serpent or dragon. Several engraved woodcut initials found throughout, as well as, several engraved head and tailpieces.Text printed in single column

Saint Albertus Magnus [Albert the Great] (1193?-1280) was a German Dominican; he wrote extensively and had a great influence on Thomas Aquinas. He is known as Doctor Universalis because of his wide knowledge of the sciences, nature and theology; some have called him the greatest German philosopher and theologian of the Middle Ages.

Carolus Scribanius (1561-1629) was the son of an Italian physician and a Flemish mother who was from Ghent; he became rector of the Jesuit college and Provincial for the region of the south-Netherlands. He devoted much time and energy in the cause of the Counter-Reformation.


Overall in very good condition with two small pencil notations on the front blank leaves, light pencil notation on Scribanius title-page; very mild darkening/staining of vellum covers; text is in excellent condition, bright, clean, & unmarked.


16 cm tall X 9.5 cm wide X 4 cm thick


2 blank front leaves, 234 pages, with 6 pages of Errata, and 202 pages with 5 blank leaves at the end