1915 Dutch Anatomy Book with Moveable Models, The human body

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FULL TITLE: Het menschelijk lichaam. Zijn bouw en inwendige organen aanschouwelijk voorgesteld door een beweegbaar model met geïllustreerden verklarenden tekst door Dr. Schmidt. 5de verbeterde druk. Herzien door J. Le Rütte.
[The human body. Its structure and internal organs graphically represented by a movable model with illustrated explanatory text by Dr. schmidt. 5th improved edition. Revised by J. Le Rütte]

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Written by Dr. Schmidt

Published by AE .E. Kluwer, Deventer, 1915

Language: Dutch



[Anatomy/Medicine] Schimdt, Het menschelijk lichaam. Deventer: AE .E. Kluwer, 1915. 8vo., 34 pp.: ill, 1 page glued to the back board with moveable/foldout anatomical model; Original illustrated soft cardboard covers with red linen spine. 

CONDITION: Very good condition, collated complete, small stains and signs of use; the moveable anatomical model is complete and in very good condition.