c.1820 Old Transformation Playing Cards 52/52

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c.1820 Cartes a Rire Transformation Cards 



Subtitled: Des théâtres et des journaux

Paris, France, c.1818-1830

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Deck: Cartes a Rire: Des théâtres et des journaux (Comic Transformation Cards)


Description:  52 etched and hand-coloured cards with full-length court cards featuring satirical caricatures of popular political figures


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line framing illustration

· Reverses: blank white reverses

· Pips: one-way

· Indices: no indices

· Style: transformation, with standing courts and decorated French suit markers

CONDITION: Very good condition; complete 52 of 52 cards, with original card box; cards with few signs of use; box with split seam on lid; see photographs.