c. 1890 Grand Jeu Lenormand, H. Pussey, 54 Astro Mythological Cards, Paris, France

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c.1890 Grand Jeu Lenormand Cards, Rare 54 Cards Astro Mythological, Paris, France


Published by H. Pussey, c. 1890

Card Measurements: 8.9 cm x 12.7 cm



Deck: Grand Jeu de Mlle Le Normand (Astro Mythological)


Box Title: Grand Jeu de Société: Cartes Astro-Mytho-Hermétiques 



First published in 1845, two years after the death of Mlle Le Normand, this

54-card fortune-telling deck includes the full series of 52 cards plus two

consultant cards.


The images reference Greek mythology, alchemy, allegories,

and other astrological and mythological topics.


The deck sold here is a later edition published by H. Pussey, c.1890. 

Deck Identifiers:
· Style: Grand Jeu Lenormand (Astro Mythological)

  · Borders: single  black line

  · Reverses: purple, red, and blue tartan pattern
· Paper: pasteboard cardstock
· Printing method: chromolithography
· Titles: no titles

CONDITION: Very good condition, complete 54 of 54 cards, cards with few signs of wear overall, some age soiling, discolouration, and patina present, deck curved; box present, with front label undamaged, though, the box, overall, is in fair condition; top and bottom present but detached, with peeling, lacks, and other damage (see photographs).