c.1920 Petit Cartomancien, Jeu de Bonne Aventure, B.P. Grimaud

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c. 1920 Le Petit Cartomancien, Jeu de Bonne Aventure, 36/36 cards, B.P. Grimaud with vintage booklet


Published by B.P. Grimaud, 54 Rue de Lancry Paris, France.

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Deck: Petit Cartomancien, Jeu de Bonne Aventure


Description: Parisian fortune-telling cards printed by B.P. Grimaud. The cards are complete, without the original box, however, a vintage booklet is included.


The deck consists of 36 vignette cards, each with an inset playing card and french scripted fortune. Reverses with a marbled blue and white. Cards with B.P. Grimaud but not Paris, France.  


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line, with border around playing card inset, and bottom title

· Reverses: marbled blue and white squares.

· Paper: medium grade cardstock

· Titles: French

· Style: Jeu de Bonne Aventure

· Tax Stamp: No tax stamp



Good condition; cards with some signs of use and wear.

Card Dimensions:  8.3 cm X 5.4 cm