c.1890 Grand Sybil des Salons Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards Paris France 52/52

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c.1890 La Sibylle Des Salons

52/52 cards (no box & no booklet)


Published by B. P. Grimaud, Paris, France, c. 1890


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Card Measurements: 7.7 cm x 11.3 cm



Deck Identifiers: 

· Style: Lenormand (Sybille des Salon)

· Titles: French

· Illustrations: Originally drawn in 1828 by Grandville. 

· Signature: "Mansion inv.t" The Bibliothèque Nationale de France, indicates that "It is commonly accepted that these cards, signed "Mansion," pseudonym of André Léon Larue, are in fact due to his pupil, Grandville." The library holds both an example of a later B.P. Grimaud (c.1890) printing of the deck (BnF item number: FRBNF40918792), as well as an H. Pussey printing from c.1890 (BnF item number: FRBNF40918027)

· Colours: chromolithographic painted stencils

· Borders: single black-line

· Reverses: plaid pattern of diagonal lines

· Paper: pasteboard cardstock

· Corners: square

· Tax Stamp: République Française decret du 12 Avril 1890


Complete 52 of 52 cards. No box and no booklet. Cards are in very good condition, all cards well preserved, with minor signs of use and wear, surface scuffing, some age discolouration and patina, as well as minor soiling from use. Deck shows a slight curved warp.