c.1900 Mlle. Lenormand's Diviners, Fortune Telling Cards

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c.1900 Mlle. Lenormand's Diviners, Fortune Telling Card, 


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Deck: Mlle. Lenormand's Diviners, Fortune Telling Cards


Description:  Mlle Lenormand’s Diviners: New York, c.1900; booklet in German; 54/54 cards; detached white cardboard box with appliqué drawing of Mlle Lenormand in blue ink reading cards.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line with Letter and playing Card insets. 

· Reverses: Blank

· Paper: raw, thick card stock. 

· Titles: No titles, booklet in German, Box in English

· Style: Diviners Lenormand



Overall, good. Cards in very good condition; box in poor condition, booklet in good condition. Cards show little evidence of use, with only small smudges. The outer sleeve of the two-piece box is detached, with significant peeling, splitting, and fraying at all edges. The front appliqué is present with a significant corner tear and other signs of age, including foxing. The bottom sleeve of the box is intact, with some peeling and other issues. The German booklet is present and intact with some ripping at the staple's edge.