c.1760 Old French Playing Cards Lyon 32/32 Standing Courts

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c.1760 Lyonnais Playing Cards 32/32

Published by Unknown

Lyon, France, c.1760-1780

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Description: 1760-1780, last Lyonnais pattern, painted stencil, standing courts.

measurements: 8.2 cm x 5.5 cm

The original design for Lyonnais cards changed in 1711, and the Knave of Spades was given a pipe to smoke. In 1751, the King of Clubs was given an Orb, while the Queens of Hearts and Spades lost their sceptres, and subsequently, all four Queens held flowers. The Knave of Clubs club was also changed; once holding a lance, he then after bore a shield on his right arm. 

Deck Identifiers:

·Style: Lyon

·Courts: standing

·Suits: French

·Indices: none

·Corner: square

·Reverses: blank


CONDITION: Very good; complete 32/32 cards, surfaces excellent, cards well preserved with very light soiling and occasional darkening of paper; no major damages (see photographs).