c.1870 DaveLuy Playing Cards, 52/52 Cards Standing Courts

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c. 1860-70 Belgium DaveLuy Playing Cards

Dual Set of 52 Cards

Published by DaveLuy

Bruges, Belgium, c.1860-1870

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Description: dual boxed set, painted stencil, standing courts & turned courts.


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Premiére Croisade & Moyen-Age

·Courts: standing & reversed

·Suits: Belgium

· Indices: none

·Corner: square w/ gold-foil edges

· Reverses: blank & a red pattern of dots and circles


CONDITION: good, two complete sets of 52 cards, with original box; cards with minor amounts of surface & edge wear, especially queen of diamonds; 3 of spades has a folded crease; box with corner and surface wear (see photographs). box with corner and surface wear (see photographs).