c.1900 Carton of Mogul Playing Cards

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c. 1900-1920 Great Mogul Superior Playing Cards

Six decks of 52 cards with original carton packaging

Published by Leonard Biermans

Sole agents for India and Burmah, Belgian Oversea Trading Co.

Turnhout, Belgium, c.1900-1920


Description: carton of c.1900 Great Mogul Belgium playing cards, six decks with original wrappers and carton packaging.

Measurements:  9 cm x  6.3 cm


Deck Identifiers:

·Style: Mogul

·Courts: turned

·Suits: Belgium

·Indices: none

·Corner: square

·Reverses: unknown


CONDITION: Good, cards in mint condition, still sealed, package with some tearing of paper & seams (see photographs).