c.1890 Etteilla Tarot Type II Cards, published by Z. Lismon, Paris

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c.1890 Etteilla Tarot Cards Z. Lismon Paris Type II  
78/78 cards complete

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Published by Z. Lismon, Paris, France c. 1890

DESCRIPTION: Livre de Thot 78 Tarots Egyptiens, manufactured by Z. Lismon in Paris, France. Printed c.1890, with lithographic painted stencils.

Grand Etteilla design known as Type II. 22 Major Arcanum & 56 Minor Suits. Deux d'Épées bears the Avril 12 1890 République Français tax-stamp. 

In 1838 Simon Blocquel published a new version of Etteilla’s deck, with the title 'Grand livre de Thot.' This new version by Blocquel is widely known as the Lismon Etteilla. Simon Blocquel habitually used anagrammatic synonyms such as Blismon, Z. Lismon, Zlismon.

Deck Identifiers:
Style: Grand Etteilla II Tarots Egyptiens
Titles: French; titled on either side, with upright and reversed fortunes at top and bottom side.
Tax stamp: Deux d'Épées (Two of Swords) bears the Avril 12 1890 République Français tax-stamp
Colours: green, red, yellow, and the distinctive lismon-light blue
Borders: pale blue outer border; single black line inner border
Reverses: the pattern on the back of the cards is worn and not easily identified. Likely red originally.
Paper: thick pasteboard card stock, softened from use


Fair condition; complete 78/78 cards, deck curved with significant surface and edge wear from use. Cards creased, surface stains and notations. Versos faded with lacks and significant wear. The deck holds nicely in hand and feels soft from use. 

Card Measurements: 12.5 cm X 7.8 cm