c.1900 Tarot Schaffhausen, J. Muller & Cie.

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circa 1900 Tarot, Schaffhausen & Hasle, J. Muller & Cie, 78 of 78 cards.

Published by J. Müller & Cie. 

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Description: c.1900 Schaffhouse tarot deck with Junon and Jupiter by J. Müller, complete with 78/78 cards. The deck is in the same style as the cards later popularised by US Games as "1JJ Swiss." 


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Tarot Besançon (Junon and Jupiter)

· Borders: single black line

· Reverses: Light brown cross-hatch design with black lines

· Titles: French

· Cards: Two of Coins with "Fabrique de Cartes a Schaffhouse." Initials "I.M." are on the shield at the centre of the Four of Coins."Fabrique Des Cartes A Schaffhouse" on the Two of Coins. The Two of Cups and the 4th Atout are lettered "Fabrique des Cartes." The initials "JP" are found at the lower left of the Valet des Épées/Page of Swords.


CONDITION: Fair to good condition, complete 78 of 78 cards,; all cards have signs of heavy use, with significant corner and edge wear, including soiling with signs of discolouration and patina; some corners clipped, ripped, or folded; with amateur tape repairs browning on a number of cards; Versos/backs of cards with chips and other signs of damage (see photographs for more details); the deck has a slight musty smell.


Card Dimensions:  11 cm X 6 cm