c.1930 Tarot Astrologique/Astrological Tarot

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c.1930 Le Tarot Astrologique/Astrological Tarot 48/48 cards


Designed by George Muchery

Illustrations by Henri Armengol

Deck: Le Tarot Astrologique/Astrological Tarot

Description: This system is made up of 48 cards and is astrologically based. The 12 major cards include eight planet cards, an Ascendant card, a Nodes of the Moon card, and a Part of Fortune (Fortuna) card. The thirty-six minor cards represent the thirty-six decans, with three cards belonging to each of the 12 Western zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces).

This "astromancy" or "astomancie" system was created by Georges Muchery. His book, Le Tarot Astrologique. Traite d'astromancie, was first published by Edition Astrale Illustrée in Paris, 1927. This first French edition came with colour plates of the cards designed by Henri Armengol. The Rider Company published the first English translation of the book by Marguerite Vallior in 1928. 


This is an early edition with blank reverses.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line; with a double black line on interior inset titles and images. 

· Reverses: white blank

· Paper: thick card-stock

·Corners: square corners, worn with use

· Titles: French

· Style: Tarot Astrologique/Astromancy



Very good condition. The deck is complete with 48/48 cards; cards with some signs of use and minor corner wear; blank reverses with signs of patina and yellowing; 20 Capricorne with (what seems) green wax stuck to the card (see photographs).  

Card Dimensions: 12.7 cm X 7.4 cm