c.1898 Tarot Besançon, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, France, Partial 76/78 Cards

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c.1898 Arnoult Tarot de Besançon, curved, partial 76/78 cards (no box & no booklet)


Published by B. P. Grimaud, Paris, France c. 1898


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Besançon

· Titles: French

· Cards: "Arnoult 1748" on Two of Coins; Tax-stamp on Ace of Coins; "BP Grimaud Paris" printed on side of some cards 

· Borders: single black-line

· Reverses: solid brown-burgundy

· Paper: pasteboard cardstock

CONDITION: Incomplete, 76 of 78 cards (lacking Arcanum #13 and Ace of Coins); the deck is curved from heavy use, with significant corner and edgewear, as well as evidence of soiling, patina, fading and other issues; versos/backs with some chipping  (see photographs for more details).