1522 Operum Ioan. Chrysostomi Constantiopolitani Tomus Primus Secundus

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FULL TITLE:  Operum Ioan. Chrysostomi Constantinopolitani. Homilias Complectens. LXXXIX. Quarum octo priores anianus ad horontium e greco veriti. Reliquias Georgius trapezontius latinatate donavit. [Eng. transl.:The works of John Chrysostom of Constantinople Completing the homilies. 89 The first eight of which the Anianus sent from the Greeks to the Horonites. George Trapezontius donated the remains to Latinate.]

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Written by Ioan. Chrysostomi [John Chrysostom]

Printed by Apud Inclyam Galliae Lutetiam, P. Gromorsus, 1522. 

Colophon  [Apud Parrhisiis: Petrus Gromorsus excudebat, 1522 mense Ianuario].



Ioan. Chrysostomi [John Chrysostom]. Chrysostomi Constantinopolitani. Homilias Complectens. Apud Inclyam Galliae Lutetiam, P. Gromorsus, 15222 vols. folio; a8-hh8, ii10, volume 2: a8-R8, S7. Title pages decorated with wood-cut design, text with decorated initials throughout. Bound in rubricated 12th-13th century vellum manuscripts 

Volumes 1 and 2 of John Chrysostom(i)’s (St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople) complete works/homilies published in 1522. Both volumes are bound in c.1150-1250 medieval Latin missals, with rubricated, decorated, and historiated initials.

The vellum missals include sections from "The Epiphany of our Lord, ”containing scripture from Isaiah 60 and Mathew 2; "The Fifth Sunday After Epiphany,” and "The Sixth Sunday After Epiphany,” containing scripture from Mathew 13 and Psalm 96; “The First Sunday after Epiphany,” and “The Feast of the Baptism of our Lord,” containing scripture from Luke, and Psalm 99; as well as “The Second Sunday After Epiphany,” and “The Third Sunday After Epiphany,” containing scripture from Psalm 65, John 2, Psalm 96, and Romans 12.

Chrysostomi’s Homily on Epiphany/Theophany and on Matthew continue to be read throughout the world during Epiphany, and it seems no accident that these manuscripts were chosen for binding these tomes. 

CONDITION: Good condition, collated complete; the vellum manuscripts are beautifully painted and decorated, with damages and lacks to vellum binding; volume 1 cracked, with some loose pages; water stains, a hole at Kiii, and some marginal tears; both volumes with scratched out signature on front blanks. See photographs for further details.