c.1700 Jeu de la Guerre 48/52

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c.1700 Jeu de la Guerre Educational Playing Cards 



Published by Pierre de la Pautre

France, 1690-1710

Designed by Gilles de la Boissiere (1780-1857)

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Deck: Jeu de la Guerre Playing Cards


Description:  Le Jeu de la Guerre

"Jeu de la Guerre: ou tout ce qui s'observe dans les marches et campements des armees, dans les batailles, combats, sieges et autre actions militaires, est exactement represente avec les definitions et les explications de chaque chose en particulier."


"Game of War: where all that is observed in the marches and encampments of the armies, in the battles, combats, sieges, and other military actions, is exactly represented with the definitions and the explanations of each thing in particular."


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line framing illustration

· Reverses: blank white reverses (with repairs)

· Language: French

· Theme: military/war

·Indices: corner indices

· Style: educational, with French suit markers


CONDITION:  Good condition; incomplete (48 of 52 cards), without box; surfaces with minor signs of wear and stains, slight soiling from use; versos/backs with repairs, stains and damages from wear; missing  #1 (Ace of Hearts), #34 & 35 (8 and 9 of Spades), #49 (10 of Clubs); see photographs.