1975 Rigel Press English Fortune Telling Cards

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1975 Rigel Press Authentic English Fortune Telling Tarot Cards 


Published by Rigel Press Limited, 21 Cloncurry Street, London, England, 1975 

Printed by Malcolm G. Read Limited, in England

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Deck: Authentic English Fortune Telling Tarot Cards



Complete 78 cards, an instruction booklet and original card-box

Cards follow the Marseilles pattern, consisting of 22 Major Trumps and 56 Minor Arcanum.

The colours are lively, crisp, and bright with vibrant white background framing. The cards are all untitled. Major trumps and minor suit cards are labelled with Roman numerals at the uppermost margin. Traditional suits of Swords, Cups, Coins, & Wands. Rounded corners. Cards with a single black line border.

Box: Original white cardboard paper card-box with red bordering and letters, with inset of The Fool on front cover, the top and bottom sides of card-box reads "Fortune Telling Cards Original English Pack Design"

Instruction Booklet: Entitled, "Traditional Tarot Card Meanings". Reverses printed with a red & white design of stars and crosses.

Card Dimensions: 10.7 cm X 6 cm

Condition: Very good condition, complete 78/78 cards, with original box and booklet,  with only very minor signs of shelf wear.