c.1741 Prophéties Thomas-Joseph Moult Nostradamus Antiphonal Cover

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FULL TITLE: Prophéties perpétuelles très-curieuses et très-certaines de THOMAS-JOSEPH MOULT, NATIF DE NAPLES. ASTRONOME & PHILOSOPHE.


Traduites de l'Italian en François.


Qui auront cours pour l'an 1269 & qui durerone jusques à la fin des Siécles.


Faites à Saint Denis en France, l'An de Notre Seigneur 1268. du Régne de Louis IX--le quarante-deuxiéme.


Written by Thomas-Joseph Moult

Language: French

Publisher: chez Prault, Pere. [1741], A Paris, 1741



Colophon: "A Paris le Janvier 1741. Signé, SAUGRAIN, Syndic."

According to Saintyves, the first edition of the book was printed in 1740, and later editions continued until 1852. The copy here for sale is an early edition, dated 1741. The book itself is likely a pseudo-epigraph; the author, Thomas-Joseph Moult, is thought to be a fictitious invention. This copy is bound in an old antiphonal manuscript. 


CONDITION: Good condition overall, complete with water and other damages. The manuscript cover is intact but discoloured with darkening, lacks, chips, and stains. Water and moisture damage is apparent throughout the book, with stains and darkening; page edges with chips, bends, and lacks. Tape repair on p.67.  Collated complete, 96 p. ; in-12°.

BOOK MEASUREMENTS: 12 vo., 18.6 x 10.5 cm

TOTAL LENGTH: 96 p.; in-12°