c.1750 Old Parisian Playing Cards 12 Courts Only G. de Paris France 18th Century

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Rare c.1750 Old 18th Century French Playing Cards



12 Court Cards (no Minor cards)


Published by Unknown (Delanoue?)

G. de Paris

Paris, France c. 1750


Card Measurements: 5.2 cm X 8.3 cm



Deck Identifiers:

· Style: G. de Paris

· Titles: French

· Cards: "G. Paris" on Jack of Clubs; brand mark stamped on Jack of Clubs shield; Jack of Spades with manufacturer's name; all of the court cards are named except the Jack of Clubs

· Colours: red, blue, yellow, & black

· Borders: single black-line

· Reverses: plain white

· Paper: paste-board cardstock, painted stencil

· Corners: square



Condition: very good condition; complete set of court cards very little signs use, no major damages and only very minor amounts of surface scuffing and wear, notations in an old hand written on reverses (see photographs).