c.1800 J. Jerger Besançon 20 cards

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c.1800 Jean Jerger Tarot de Besançon 20 Cards

Published by J. Jerger, Besançon, France c. 1800-1810


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Card Measurements: 6.3 cm X 12 cm



The twenty cards for sale here are from at least two different decks with different reverses. The cards have either pink or green marbled reverses. Some cards with pink reverses are less damaged and definitively brighter than others, indicating they are from different decks. A picture of the cards is provided face up and then in the following image, they are found face-down in the same order so that the reverse of each card is clearly identifiable.  


Card Identifiers:

· Style: Besançon

· Titles: French

· Cards: "France, J. Jerger" on all court cards

· Borders: single black-line

· Reverses: green and pink marbled reverses

· Paper:  pasteboard card-stock

· Corners: square borders with corners worn through use


Present: (*dark and faded=df)
Bâtons (pink reverses): 2 (df) 3, 4 (df), 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack (df), Queen (df), King
Epée (pink reverses): 6, 8, 9, 10, Jack(df), Knight, Queen, King
Epée (green reverses): 2, 4

CONDITION: average-good condition; cards have various signs of wear and age, several with stains, surface scuffs, fading, worn corners and edges. Some cards with darkening and more signs of use/age wear. See photographs for further details.