c.1839 Tarot Marseille Suzanne Bernardin/Bernardin Suzanne 12 cards

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c.1839 Tarot Marseille Bernardin Suzanne 12 cards

Published by Bernardin Suzanne (a.k.a. Suzanne Bernardin), c. 1839

DESCRIPTION: Twelve rare mid-19th century Marseille tarot cards by Bernardin (a.k.a Suzanne Bernardin). Beautiful French colouring and stunning stencilled images that retain the unpainted white faces, which at the time of their production, were considered to be rather haunting.

The cards include: III L’Empereur; V Le Pape; VI L’Amoureux; VII ChCharior; X Roue de Fortune; XIIII Temperance; Ace and 7 of Wands; 8 of Cups; the 4, 5, and 8 of Swords.

Scans and photos of the cards are provided. The group pic doesn’t include the Temperance card (however, it is included with the purchase). 

Deck Identifiers:
Type: Tarot de Marseille, Type II
Titles: French
Style: painted stencils
Colours: red, light blue, dark blue, green, and yellow
Borders: single black line
Reverses: pink marble
Paper: thick card stock

Card Measurements: 11.6 cm X 6.2 cm 

CONDITION: Cards are in fair to good condition, with fading, wear, soiling, and scuffing; corners and edges are worn and chipped.