c.1840 De La Rue Playing Cards

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Antique 19th Century English Playing Cards 51/52 


Published by Thomas De La Rue, London, England, c.1840

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Deck:  English Standing Courts, duty one shilling Old Frizzle Ace, "Dieu et Mon Droit" 


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: English Standing Courts

·Courts: Standing

·Pips: One-way pips

·Suits: English suit markers

· Indices: No indices

· Paper: Thick pasteboard

·Corner: Square

· Reverses: Pink reverses with intricate floral pattern


Good condition, incomplete 51/52 cards (lacking King of spades); signs of wear, with minor surface scuffing and soiling, occasional stains, age darkening and occasional patina; no major damages. (see photographs)

Card Dimensions:  9.2 cm X  6.4 cm