c.1850 Parisian Playing Cards 52/52 Standing Courts

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c.1850 mid-19th Century Paris Pattern French Playing Cards 52/52 cards


Published by Nicolas Marie Gatteaux, Paris, France, c.1850


Card Measurements: 5.4 cm X 8.3 cm



Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Paris Pattern

· Titles: French

· Cards: "GATTEAUX" in very small print & "ADMINIST. DES CONTRIB. INDIR. 1850" on the Jack of Clubs shield; oak wreath on Ace of Clubs (w/ Republique Francais Avril 12, 1890 tax-stamp); names on all of the court cards.

· Colours: red, yellow, blue, light blue, and black

· Indices: no indices

· Pips: one-way

· Reverses: blank

· Paper: paste-board cardstock, painted stencil

· Corners: square 

Condition: good condition; cards are well-preserved, some signs of soiling and wear from use, as well as minor stains and slight patina; no major damages,. (see photographs)