c.1864 American Playing Cards Civil War Era M. Nelson New York 46/52 Love Scenes

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Rare c.1864 Old Civil War Era Playing Cards

featuring illustrations of “love scenes” by French artists, containing no nudity

incomplete 46/52 (no box)

lacking 2 & 10 of hearts, 6, 9 & J of diamonds, and king of spades

Published by Mortimer Nelson

New York, N.Y., U.S.A.



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Card Measurements: 6.3 cm X 9 cm



Deck Identifiers:

· Style: American Civil War era

· Titles: English

· Cards: flying eagle with "M. Nelson, New York" on Ace of Spades

· Colours: black & white

· Design: vignette pictures with triplicate pips

· Reverses: pink & white exquisitely framed decorated design of flying cherub with bow & arrows

· Paper: wide-size paste-board cardstock

· Corners: square

Condition:  average-good condition; incomplete deck (46/52) with various signs of wear and use, slight edge & corner wear, light stain on Ace of Spades, as well Ace of Diamonds and several other cards have a few occasional minor stains, some surface scuffing, age darkening and soiling; no major damages. (see photographs)