c.1865 Oletto Piedmont, Turin, 75/78

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c.1865 Oletto Piedmont Tarot from Turin 75/78 cards


Published by Oletto, c.1865

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Deck: Piemontese tarocchi by Oletto


Description: c.1865 Piedmont tarot by Oletto, incomplete 75/78 cards, with vibrant colours.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: Single black line

· Reverses: intricate blue square floral design

· Paper: thick cardstock

· Titles: Italian

· Style: Piemontese/Piedmont



Very good condition, incomplete 75/78 cards, with strong, musty odour;

colours  bright; missing the Tower, King of Wands, and Eight of coins; with

some staining, browning, and signs of use; brown spotting on Four of

Wands, and some reverses and edges; Three of Swords with some staining

and paper remnant stuck on. See photographs for further details.