c.1870 Gassmann Dauphine Pattern, 52/52 Standing Courts

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c.1870 Dauphine Playing Cards 52/52

Published by Gassmann, Genova, Switzerland

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Description: 1870, Dauphine pattern, standing courts.

measurements: 8.4 cm x 5.4 cm

One of nine or so regional types, the Dauphiné pattern is an archaic design first manufactured in the Lyons region during the 17th century.

Deck Identifiers:

·Style: Dauphine

·Courts: standing

·Suits: Swiss, one-way pips

·Indices: none

·Corner: square

·Reverses: blank


CONDITION: Very good, complete 52/52 cards, cards surfaces excellent, occasional light patina and darkening (see photographs).