c.1885, Amedeo Candiani, in Novara. Piemontese, incomplete 77/78 cards

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c.1885, Amedeo Candiani, in Novara,incomplete 77/78 cards


Published by Amedo Candiani, in Novara


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Deck: Candiani Piemontese


Description: Late 19th-century Piemontese tarocchi deck. 


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: double black line

· Reverses: hand-designed diamond pattern

· Paper: thick cardstock

· Titles: Italian

· Style: Piemontese 

· Tax Stamp: Mercury, 'REGNO D'ITALIA', 'CENTESIMI 50.', in use between c.1883-1917 (Endebrock 2021). 


Good condition overall, with signs of wear and use, particularly noticeable in issues of edgewear. Edges demonstrate wear, chips, rips and lacks. General age darkening over the entire deck with some fading. Reverses also demonstrate darkening and staining.  Incomplete deck with 77/78 cards, with previous owners' self-printed facsimile card of the 4 of Swords.

Card Dimensions:   10.7 cm X 6 cm