c. 1885 Oracle des Dames, Etteilla III, Delarue, Paris

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c.1885 Grand Oracles des Dames, Etteilla Type III Tarot. Complete 78/78 cards (with half box)


Published by Delarue, Paris, France c. 1880-90.

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Deck: Le Grand Jeu de L'Oracle des Dames, Etteilla Type III Tarot


Description: Originally designed by G. Regamey, after Jean-Baptiste Alliette's (Etteilla's) system. This edition was published by Delarue in Paris, France, in c.1880-90.


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Grand Etteilla III

· Print Technique: chromolithograph

· Reverses: pink & red versos/backs in a floral, geometric design pattern

· Paper: delicate pasteboard card-stock

· Titles: French

· Borders: single black line

· Tax Stamp: Republique Francais 12 Avril 1890 stamp on 2 of swords 



Good condition, complete with telescopic box and 78 cards. The deck has a very slight warp due to the thinner cardstock. Corner and edge wear show some use. Each card has handwritten French inscriptions in black pen, ink, and pencil. The box is well preserved and in good condition overall, though missing one side of the upper box sleeve. The inner box sleeve has split seams in the top part of the box (see pictures), and there are some lacks, rubs and bumps. 

Card Dimensions:  6.6 cm X 13 cm