c.1890 Grand Etteilla, Type I, H. Pussey, 73/78 cards

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c.1890 Grand Etteilla Tarot Egyptien Type I,  73/78 cards

Published by H. Pussey, Paris, France, c. 1890

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Card Measurements: 6.3 cm X 11.8 cm


Deck: Grand Etteilla, Tarot Egyptien, Type I 

Deck Identifiers:

  • Style: Etteilla Type I
  • Titles: French
  • Colours: chromolithograph
  • Borders: single black-line
  • Verso/Backs: pattern of blue leaves on stem
  • Paper: pasteboard cardstock
  • Corners: square
CONDITION: good condition, incomplete 73/78 cards. Cards overall are in good condition with some signs of use, staining, and patina; missing: #31, #63, #75, #76, #77, #78.