c.1890 Grimaud Grand Etteilla, Tarot Egyptien, Type I, 78/78 Cards

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c.1890 Grimaud Grand Etteilla Tarot Egyptien Type I, 78/78 cards + blue & pink indicator cards.

Published by B. P. Grimaud, Paris, France, c. 1890

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Deck: Grand Etteilla, Tarot Egyptien, Type I


Deck Identifiers:

  • Style: Etteilla, Type I
  • Titles: French
  • Colours: chromolithograph
  • Borders: single black-line
  • Versos/Backs: blue spiral design
  • Paper: pasteboard cardstock
  • Corners: square
  • Tax-stamp: on Two of Swords;  “This stamp was in use in France from 1890 to 1917, and from 1922 to 1940.” The text reads 'RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE' and 'DÉCRET DU 12 AVRIL 1890'. (Endebrock 2011).

CONDITION: good condition, with 78 of 78 cards + blue and pink indicator cards; no box, no booklet; the cards are in good used condition; all cards have signs of heavy use, with significant corner and edge wear, including soiling with signs of discolouration and patina, as well as faded spots on the front and back of cards; some corners clipped/torn; (see photographs for more details); with a perfumed musty odour.