c.1890 Tarot Chinois, B.P. Grimaud

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c.1890 Grimaud Chinois Tarot Ancien with Sea Monsters
78/78 cards, with partial box

Published by B.P. Grimaud, Paris, France c.1890

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DECK: Tarot Ancien (Chinois/Mer People)

DESCRIPTION: Rare Parisian Circus Tarot deck, manufactured in France by Grimaud & Chartier. Late 19th century cards,  Atouts drawn with Chinese-styled temples and clothing, complete with a host of sea monsters and merpeople. Tax-stamp Avril 12, 1890 on Ace of clubs,

Deck Identifiers:
Style: Tarot Chinois
Titles: None
Colours: blue, red, green, yellow, peach
Borders: dual-line embroidered triangle pattern borders
Reverses: checkerboard pattern.
Paper: pasteboard card-stock
Numbering: Arabic numerals
Corners: square, rounded

CONDITION: Good condition, complete, 78/78 cards, including original box. Well-presrved antique cards, minor surface and edge wear, slight age discolouration and occasional patina; box in good-fair condition with several tape repairs. (see photographs).  

Card Measurements: 10.4 cm X 5.6 cm