c.1900 "Moghul Ganjifa", 90/96 cards

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c.1900 "Moghul Ganjifa", 90/96 cards


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Deck: "Moghul Ganjifa"


Description:  Date unknown, likely early 20th century cards, "Moghul Ganjifa." Incomplete 90/96 cards, round painted cards decorated in green, gold and red. Eight suits of 12 cards each; each suit is distinctively coloured and is comprised of ten pip cards, numbered from 1 to 10 and two court cards, a vizier and a king. Red solid reverses, painted and varnished, with some lacks. Enclosed in a box decorated with a floral pattern.


These are the eight suits with missing cards listed:

1. ḡolām (servant/slave): missing Wazir & Shah;

2. tāj (crowns): missing Shah;

3. šamšīr (Swords) missing #10 & Wazir;

4. Zare Sork ('red' gold coins) complete;

5. čang (harps) missing Wazir;

6. barāt (bills of exchange) missing #1 & Wazir;

7. zar-e safīd (white gold coins) complete;

8. qomāš (cloth, here lotus or plant) complete."


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Mughal Ganjifa (Safvid Ganjifa)

· Borders: three to four coloured rings of different alternating colours (dark red, gold, golden yellow, black, and green)

· Reverses: reddish-range with lighter circle border

· Indices: No indices


CONDITION: Good condition; incomplete (90/96 cards); some signs of

wear, discolouration and fading; with chips, paint cracks, and lacks on

some cards; missing Wazir & Shah of the ḡolām (servant/slave) suit;

missing the Shah of tāj (crowns); missing #10 & Wazir šamšīr (Swords);

missing Wazir of čang (harps); missing #1 & Wazir of barāt (bills of

exchange). Box in good condition, decorated with flower pattern; chips,

lacks and wear,  box damage with upper edge broken and absent.

See photographs.


Card measurements: 5 cm (diameter); Box, 10.4 x 6.9 x 6 cm