c.1890 Tarot de Marseilles, Schaffhausen, J. Muller & Cie.

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Marseilles Tarot, circa 1890, Schaffhausen & Hasle, J. Muller & Cie, 78 of 78 cards.

Published by J. Muller & Cie. 

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Deck: Swiss Classic Marseilles


Description: c.1890-1900 Swiss Scaffhouse tarot deck in the Marseilles style by J. Mueller, complete with 78/78 cards. Two of Coins with "Fabrique de Cartes a Schaffhouse."

Monogram "JR" inscription on 4 of Coins, suggesting these were designed after cards first manufactured by Jean Henri Rochias c.1816 or Jacques Rochias c.1782. 

The deck most closely resembles the c.1840-70 deck developed by Gassmann.

These cards were popularized by Stuart Kaplan as the "Classic Swiss Tarot" when U.S. Games issued a reprint of the cards in the 1970s, attributing the deck's origins to Claude Burdel.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line

· Reverses: plaid pattern in black and blue on tan background

· Titles: French

· Style: Swiss Tarot de Marseille 

· Tax Stamp: no tax-stamp


CONDITION: Good to very good condition, complete  78 of 78 cards, some minor wear & soiling, broken corners on a few cards, no major damages (see photographs).

Card Dimensions:  11 cm X 6 cm