Dondorf Tarot Microscopique 77/78 cards

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c.1910-30 Dondorf Tarot Microscopic

incomplete 77/78 cards


Published by B. Dondorf, Germany, c.1910-30

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Deck: Microscopique Tarock


Description:  B. Dondorf first published the Microscopique tarock in "c.1870 as a lithographic print hand-coloured using stencils and cut with square corners. Later editions had rounded corners and were printed by chromolithography. The trump cards were numbered, usually in Arabic numerals but in some versions Roman numerals are found" ( Townshend 2015). Trumps depict scenes of 19th-century nobility, and the aces depict different castles. Double-ended named Courts,  French suits, no indices.


Deck Identifiers:

• Scenic Tarock

• Named Courts
• Rounded gold-gilt corners
• Single black-line borders
• Arabic numerals
• Reverses have a branch of thistle within a panel in red over-printed in gold 


Very good condition. Incomplete, 77 of 78 cards (lacking the 4 of Clubs). The cards show very little wear or scuffing.

Card Dimensions:  10.7 cm X 5.9 cm