c.1885 Austrian Tarock Tarot Josef Glanz 54/54 Vienna

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c.1885-95 Austrian Tarock (Industrie und Gluck)

Complete 54/54 cards


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Published by Josef Glanz, Wien, Austria, c.1885-95


"The pattern was certainly established by 1865, but does not appear to have survived the 1914-18 war.  Twenty or thirty years before its emergence, a pack was made by J. G. Steiger of Vienna having as the subject of its trump cards costumes of the various parts of the Austria-Hungary Empire, the regions being named at the edge of each card. Several makers copied the theme of the trump cards (though not the court cards which were far from standard) sometimes lifting exact designs, sometimes introducing their own. The court cards of such packs soon became standard, resembling those of the present pattern. Then, around 1865, at least two series of constant trump designs became established and were followed by various makers." The International Playing-Card Society, 1978


Card Measurements:  12.5 cm X 7.2 cm



Deck Identifiers:

  • Style: Austrian Tarock (21 Trumps + Fool, with 4 suits of 8 cards)
  • Numerals: Roman 
  • Indicator Cards: Jack of Clubs with makers brand on shield (); Jack of Diamonds with Josef Glanz brand mark; Ace of Hearts stamped with brand-mark of Josef Glanz in Wien..
  • Tax-Stamp: Austrian stamp in use between 1882-1899, "This stamp was in use in Austria from 1882 to 1899. The stamp number is on a shield inside the eagle."(Enderbrock 2019)
  • Borders: dual black-line with dashes
  • Reverses: black & red & white pattern of squiggles
  • Paper: pasteboard cardstock
  • Corners: square

CONDITION:  Very good condition, 54 of 54 cards complete; well-preserved, slight signs of use and soiling, some age darkening & patina, as well as minor surface wear and scuffing. (see photographs)