c.1890 Grand Lenormand 54/54 w/ booklet

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c.1890 Grand Jeu Lenormand Astromythological Cards

54/54 cards, with 213-page booklet (no box)

Published by B. P. Grimaud, Paris, France, c. 1890 

Card Measurements: 90 mm x 128 mm


Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Grand Jeu Lenormand (Astro Mythological)

· Colours: chromolithographic

· Borders: single black-line

· Reverses: blue checkerboard pattern of squares

· Paper: pasteboard cardstock

· Corners: square

· Tax Stamp: tax-stamp (RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE DÉCRET DU 12 AVRIL 1890)



Very good condition, complete 54 of 54 cards. Cards are very well preserved and in near to mint condition; very few if no signs of use.  213-page booklet also in excellent condition, however, with notations on back cover. (see photographs)