c.1901 Belgian Animal Tarot Geûens-Seaux

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Anciennes Veritables Cartes du Jeu du Tarot, Cartes du Tarot Geûens-Willaert


Published by Geûens-Willaert, Bruges, 1901

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Deck: Belgian Animal Tarot/ Tarot Animalier Belge/ Anciennes Veritables Cartes du Jeu du TarotGeûens-Seaux, Belges.


Description:  Belgian Animal Tarot (Tarot Animalier), printed by Geûens-Willaert, Bruges, 1901, the successor of Geûens-Seaux, who was the successor of card-maker Daveluy. 


The Belgian Animal style of tarot was likely developed from the Bavarian animal style. As the International Playing Card Society writes, the composition of this deck style includes " 78 cards... (with) 4 suits of 4 single-figure court cards and 10 pip cards, plus 21 single-figure trumps, with roman numerals in a panel, top and bottom, centred, and the Fool. Particularly distinctive court cards are the kings, all of whom have legs bare from the knee down except for thonged sandals." (IPSC, Pattern Sheet 9) 

Deck Identifiers:

· Style: Belgian Animal Tarot

· Borders: major arcana and courts with blue border

· Reverses: cross-hatch in black, white and red

· Paper: non-gloss paste-board cardstock

· Titles: no titles, no indices, roman numerals on major arcana

· Indicators: Jack of Hearts with "Cartes du Tarot Geûens-Williaert Bruges"; Kings all showing knee. 

· Cards: One way-vignettes, one-way pips, roman numerals

· Suits: French; hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds



Good condition; complete set of 78 cards with some signs of use and wear, as well as signs of age and occasional stains or patina; minor edge and corner wear, minimal surface scuffing, and no major damages.

Card Dimensions: 11.5 cm x 6.2 cm