c.1950 Tarot Éditions Willeb

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c.1950 Tarot Éditions Willeb Bourgeois Tarot Nouveau

Published by Éditions Willeb, 3 Rue Marivaux, Paris, c.1950

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Deck: Tarot Éditions Willeb


Description: A tarot deck from Éditions Willeb, with 78 cards. Major Arcana with no titles, and Minor arcana without indices. This is a Bourgeois or Tarot Nouveau-styled deck, with unusual depictions for the atouts. Éditions Willeb were book and game publishers that began work in the 1930s in Paris. Along with books, they published children's toys, games, as well as cards and tarot decks.  


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line

· Reverses: red and purple cross-hatching

· Paper: cardstock 

· Titles: None

· Style: Bourgeois Tarot Nouveau

· Suit markers: French, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs

· Tax Stamp: None


Good condition, with some signs of use, paper creases, and pink pen marks along the edge of a number of cards. The colours are still vibrant and rich. Some occasional staining and spots. Corner and edge-wear, as well as some very minor chips. Overall, in good condition. 

Card Dimensions: 11 cm X  6 cm