c.1940 Grand Jeu de Mlle LeNormand, B.P. Grimaud

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c.1940 Grand Jeu de Mlle Le Normand Astromythological Cards 54/54, 216-page booklet, no box


Published by B. P. Grimaud, Paris, France, c. 1940

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Deck: Grand Jeu de Mlle Le Normand (Astro Mythological)


Description: First published in 1845, two years after the death of Mlle Le Normand, this 54-card fortune-telling deck includes two consultant cards. The card images include references to Greek mythology, alchemy, allegories, and other astrological and mythological topics. The deck sold here is a later edition published in c.1940 by B.P. Grimaud. The tax stamp on the deck was used between 1940-44; the booklet is a later issue dated 1951. 

Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: thin single black line

· Reverses: pattern of blue swirls

· Paper: pasteboard cardstock

· Titles: no titles

· Style: Grand Jeu Lenormand (Astro Mythological)

· Tax Stamp: French tax stamp on Ace of Batons. " This stamp was in use in France from 1940 to 1944. The text is 'ÉTAT FRANÇAIS', 'CONTRIBUTIONS INDIRECTES', and 'FRANCE'." (Endebrock 2011)


CONDITION: Very good condition; complete 54/54 cards and 216-page booklet appear unused. Back cover of the booklet with tear and piece of paper adhered to the cover (see photographs) 

Card Dimensions:  9 cm X 12.7 cm