Pino ZAC Cartomancie de l'An 2000 Grimaud Tarot 22 Cards

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Pino ZAC Cartomancie de L'An 2000 


Created by Pino Zac

Published by Grimaud, France, J.M. Simon, France Cartes, 1981

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Deck: Cartomancie de l'An 2000


Description:  Italian cartoonist and director, Pino Zac, created some famous comic characters such as Kyrie & Leison. He has also directed some motion pictures and founded several magazines. Le Mat is a self-portrait of himself as Fool. He also created, in 1981, the Pino Zac Tarot de l'An 2000.

CONDITION: Very good condition, cards, booklet appearing unused, original box with very little wear.