c.1870 Piedmont Tarot by an unknown maker, incomplete 44/78

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c.1870 Piemontese by an unknown maker, incomplete 44/78 cards


Published by unknown maker, c.1870

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Deck: Piemontese tarocchi by an unknown maker


Description: c.1870 Piedmont tarot by an unknown maker, incomplete 44/78 cards, with lovely reverses and vibrant colours. In total, 44 cards with 17 Major Arcana and 27 Minor cards.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: Single black line

· Reverses: hand-designed blue diamond-patterned reverses

· Paper: thick cardstock

· Titles: Italian

· Style: Piemontese/Piedmont


Very good condition, incomplete 44/78 cards, with minimal surface, corner, and edge-wear. Some signs of age and patina. See photographs.

Card Dimensions:  6.3 cm X 11 cm