19th-century Party Game, Jeu des Pénitences, Très Récréatif en Société, by Simonin-Cuny

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 c.1860 Jeu des Pénitences, Très Récréatif en Société 


Published by Simonin-Cuny (S.C, Editeur, Paris)


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Deck: Jeu des Pénitences, Très Récréatif en Société


Description:  Antique c.19th-century party game by Simonin-Cuny. A bit like the game "Truth or Dare," without the "truth," le Jeu de Pénitences (Game of Penances) includes 40 cards which instruct you to perform specific tasks designed to embarrass and amuse. Examples of the tasks include completing a dance with a broom or chair, taking off your left shoe and hopping on one foot as you make all partygoers smell your shoe, and sitting on the floor while reciting a poem or singing a song, all while crying. Bring this antique to your next social gathering and party like it's 1899! 


CONDITION: Very good condition, complete with all 40 cards, box and instruction sheet. Cards show minimal signs of use. Instruction sheet worn. The box is in good condition, with the bottom of the box detached but repaired and reinforced with tape on either side (see photographs).