19th century Jeu des Rois de France, B.P. Grimaud

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19th-century “Jeu des Rois de France,” B.P. Grimaud

47/52 Cards

Published by B.P. Grimaud, Paris, France.

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Deck: Jeu des Rois de France


Description:  This beautiful deck was first published by B.P. Grimaud in c.1856 and reprinted in c.1891. These costume playing cards are exquisitely engraved and hand-painted. Deck with gold-gilt corners. 


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: thin black line

· Reverses: solid white blank reverses, gold-gilt corners

· Paper: cardstock

·Indices/Titles: No indices, Queen & Kings with names in French 

· Tax Stamp: no tax stamp

· Manufacturer: B.P. Grimaud on Jack of Clubs

· Box: with Louis XIV (King of Hearts) on the front, and red, black, and green patterned paste paper. 


Good condition. Cards in good condition, with minor marks, stains, and age discoloration. Missing Ace and 3 of Hearts; 6 of Spades; Queen of Diamonds and Clubs. Box missing the top flap of the upper portion, bottom flap present but detached. 

Card Dimensions:  8.5 cm X 5.5 cm