c. 1885 Oracle des Dames, Etteilla III, Delarue

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c.1885 Grand Oracles des Dames, Etteilla Type III Tarot. Complete 78/78 cards (with half box)


Published by Delarue, Paris, France c. 1880-90.

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Deck: Le Grand Jeu de L'Oracle des Dames, Etteilla Type III Tarot


Description: Originally designed by G. Regamey, after Jean-Baptiste Alliette's (Etteilla's) system. This copy was published by Delarue in Paris, France, in c.1880-90.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line

· Print Technique: chromolithograph

· Reverses: light grey/purple paper reverses

· Paper: delicate pasteboard card-stock

· Titles: French

· Style: Grand Etteilla III

· Tax Stamp: on 2 of swords


Good condition. Some warp to the deck as a result of a thinner cardstock. Cards show some corner curling, edge-wear, and scuffing. Box missing upper half. Chariot card (#21) with some damage, creasing, rips and scuffing. Slight creasing in the middle of #76. Lower half of the box with a split in the seam of the upper red portion of the box, and missing the bottom flap (lower box open at the bottom). 

Card Dimensions:  6.4 cm X 13 cm