c.1860 Épinal Tarot, Pellerin & Cie.

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c.1860 Épinal Tarot (75/78 cards)


Published by Pellerin & Cie., Épinal, Vosges, France, c.1860

Engraved by François Georgin  (1801-1863)

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Deck: Épinal Tarot/ Tarot d'Épinal


Description: Incomplete (75/78 cards) copy of the Épinal Tarot, printed c.1860. The woodcuts were produced by the famed engraver, François Georgin (1801-1863) and the deck was published by Pellerin & Cie. for over fourty years. 


"The Épinal tarot cards are believed to have been first published in 1830 by the art printers Pellerin & Cie, who were established in the Vosges district of France since 1796 ... The cards were in production until the 1870s." [Rod Starling 2013 (2022), WOPC].


Deck Identifiers:

  · Style: Épinal (Tarot de Marseille/Tarot de Besançon variation)

· Borders: medium single black line

· Reverses: white intricate floral pattern on green

· Paper: solid pasteboard

· Titles: French

Style Identifiers:

· Retains general features of TdM

· Uses Besançon style for Arcana II and V, Juno and Jupiter 

· The Magician is "Escamoteur" (The Conjurer)

· The Hermit is "Le Capucin" (The Monk)

· Justice card with mirror and snake next to a book and stone engraving of laws

· Empress and Emperor card are unnumbered

·Death card is numbered, and untitled


Very Good condition, incomplete with 75 of 78 cards (missing Major Arcana #2, Juno and the 2 and 3 of Wands ), with very little signs of use or wear. Some minor foxing and occasional light darkening. 

Card Dimensions:  11.5 cm X 6.3 cm