Italian Tarot Minchiate Faustino Solesio, Carte Per L'Estero, 95/96

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Italian Fiorentine Tarot Minchiate 95/96 Cards


Published by Faustino Solesio, Genova, c.1930

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Deck: Minchiate Florentine Tarot




Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: framed with a pattern of dashes & lines

· Reverses: plaid pattern of diagonal lines

· Paper: thin coated cardstock

· Titles: Roman numerals

· Style: Minchiate

· Brand Marks: Ace of coins, Fabbrica di Cate da Giuoco Faustino Solesio Genova 



Good condition, incomplete, 95/96, lacking Ace of cups; cards are all in excellent condition; original inner sleeve of box with split seam, scuff mark, and bottom tab detached (see photographs).

Card Dimensions:  9.8 cm X  5.8 cm