c.1900 Tarot de Marseilles, Schaffhausen, J. Muller & Ce.

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 Marseilles Tarot, circa 1900, Schaffhausen & Hasle, J. Muller & Cie, 78 of 78 cards.


Published by J. Muller & Cie. 

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Deck: Swiss Classic Marseilles



c.1900 Swiss Scaffhouse tarot deck in the Marseilles style by J. Mueller, complete with 78/78 cards. Two of Coins with Fabrique de Cartes a Schaffhouse.

Monogram JR inscription on 4 of coins initials, suggesting these were designed after cards first manufactured by Jean Henri Rochias c.1816 or Jacques Rochias c.1782. 

The deck most closely resembles the cards of the 1840 & 1870 Gassmann editions developed in 1840 by Gassmann from a book he believed had been published by Claude Burdel.

Also very similar in design to the Classic Swiss Tarot printed in the 18th century by Claude Burdel, popularized by Stuart Kaplan and reprinted in the 1970s by U.S. Games Systems.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: single black line

· Reverses:  plaid tarotee in black and blue on tan background

· Titles: French

· Style: Swiss Tarot de Marseille 

· Tax Stamp: no tax-stamp



Good condition, complete  78 of 78 cards, all with heavy use and darkened, with smudging and wear to surfaces as well as edgewear and worn corners but without any major damages (see photographs). 

Card Dimensions:  11 cm X 6 cm