c.1820-30 Les Disloqués: Alphabet Comique (Jeu de Société)

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[ Jeu de Société ] Les Disloqués: Alphabet Comique 



Published by Unknown, c.1820-30

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Deck: Les Disloqués


Description:  c.1820-30,  Les Disloqués: Alphabet Comique, unknown publisher, without box, incomplete, 39/50. This is a very rare and scarce matching alphabet card game with "comic" caricatures, some of a racial or racist nature. 


Cards were only issued for 25 letters of the alphabet (25 cards x 2). According to a catalogue entry of a complete deck, the “A” card (missing in this example) was released intact, without being cut in two, likely to serve as an example. And no cards for the letter “W” were issued.


Deck Identifiers:

· Borders: no borders

· Reverses: solid light purple

· Style: Comic alphabet split matching game

· Printing method: Pencil lithography/ Lithographie au crayon

 · Paper: Thick cardstock


Average to good condition; incomplete (39 of 50 cards);  signs of wear, foxing, and stains; reverses show discolouration, pencil notations and a pencil scribble. see photographs. 

Card Dimensions:  4.3 cm X  11.4 cm